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Business Partnerships

SAVE provides businesses with a motivated workforce.

Here to serve your business needs through:

  • Light Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Sorting
  • Mailing
  • Janitorial Service

“SAVE does a great job providing a very complete service for Permobil. I can rely on SAVE to be prompt and ready to provide multiple degrees of service for Permobil. They are definitely an asset to keep production running smoothly.”

Ready to help your business.
Read about some of our Success Stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What area businesses currently work with SAVE?

We have a decades-long partnership with Empire Comfort Systems and Permobil (formerly ROHO) in Belleville Illinois and Pretium, a business located in Herman Missouri. For several years we’ve worked with another Belleville company, Rauckman, as well as the Gateway Grizzzlies and the Nooter Corporation in St. Louis.

How can I get work materials to and from your site?

Our current business partners handle this in a variety of ways. Some have some or all work materials delivered straight to us which we store in our warehouse. Some work is brought to us by the business, and we have a 26 ft box truck we can use for pick up and deliveries. We can also handle commercial shipping to and from our site.

Are your costs competitive?

They are. Our workers, who have an intellectual or developmental disability are paid for the work they do, and our staff do quality checks, arrange for delivery and billing, and are available for questions and progress reports. As stated, we’ve worked with those businesses listed and others and provided quality work on time at a competitive price for over 30 years.

How are prices set?

We typically ask for a sample of your product and we do a time study to determine the time it takes to build, package, or sort it. This information gives us a fix on our labor costs and then we look at other factors specific to the job being considered, like storage and deliver. We then make a bid for your consideration.

Who do we contact to find out more about your operation and the people you employ?

Ron Musenbrock, SAVE’s Director of Operations can be reached by phone at 234-1992, EXT 106 and by email at

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