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Success Stories

How SAVE has helped those in our community.

“SAVE does a great job providing a very complete service for Permobil. This all starts from keeping their own inventory of unmade boxes and being very flexible with our ever changing production schedule. SAVE always does whatever it takes to keep their customers happy. I can rely on SAVE to be prompt and ready to provide multiple degrees of service for Permobil. They are definitely an asset to keep production running smoothly. We appreciate everything they do for us. We look forward maintaining our long lasting relationship.”

“Thank you to the staff and managers at SAVE for the quality of life and vocational development provided… SAVE has brought much joy and stability to T’s life. During the COVID shutdown it was noticeable how much of a positive impact SAVE has on her life. She really missed going to work and seeing her friends. Simply put, SAVE is T’s second family.”

More thoughts from our community:

“I love it here because I like to work. I was glad to come back after COVID (6 month closure) because I missed my friends. It’s a good place to work because whatever job you do you get paid.”

“People at SAVE are friendly and we treat each other with respect. I like doing work and earning a paycheck.”

“I like going to the movies and working at the Attorney General’s office cleaning.”

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