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For nearly 50 years SAVE has provided quality person-centered services.

What is SAVE?

SAVE was founded in 1972 by a group of parents of children who had developmental disabilities who sought opportunities for their kids. We are located in Freeburg Il. on what was an Air Force base, The 798th Radar Squadron, from 1951 until 1968. Renovations began in 1974 and SAVE started providing Residential Services at this location in the late 70s. Meanwhile we operated Day Services at various sites through the 1980s. When renovations to the Day Services section of our complex were completed, we consolidated that program in Freeburg also.

While trends, best practices, and the preferences of our consumers and their families have changed somewhat over time, SAVE has been and remains committed to providing flexible quality services with a focus on the person we’re providing the service to. 

How Can You Help?

We need volunteers for our programs and fundraisers. We need companies and businesses to offer employment to our consumers, both individually and through the use of our Sub-Contract Services. We need friends and neighbors to purchase our Christmas Cards, participate in our Golf Tournament and other fundraising efforts.

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